Celebrating Six Years of The Brunswick

It was the day after Valentine’s Day, when I first walked through the door

I came in search of pies and pints


was too late. Timings didn’t match up and I had to catch a train

We chose to stay anyway

for toasted Leeds Bread Co-op sourdough drizzled in olive oil, butter pats sinking into each slice ready for spreading with salsa verde for more spreading and a pint

A slice of toast

made me miss Leeds more than ever before

The Brunswick showed me how much more was hiding in this city, which I still wanted to discover.

Your roast wins them all

every roast I eat I benchmark against yours and it’s tough competition

wintry Sundays, cosy Sundays, hungover groggy Sundays, meeting the family Sundays, lazy Sundays, just seeing some friends Sundays, treat yourself Sundays

those cheesy leeks

yours for life, on the house, if you commit

tattoo The Brunswick onto your body

I’ve considered it before.

Mid-week treats of burgers chips and pint, fried chicken chips and pint

salty chip fingers, double patties drenched in Emmental and Monterey Jack cheese, a plate of utter beigeness that’s all mine

pairing this with frozen margaritas because why not

It’s only Wednesday

and food like this needs to be celebrated.

I came back to try other people’s food. Pop-ups, tasters, supper clubs

all hosted at The Brunswick, giving other people a platform to showcase

what else is hiding in Leeds

filling us up with everything from ramen to hangover cones, sending us on our way to go and eat at new places

community; collaboration; good food.

This is where I saw in the new year

2019 going on 2020

I jumped up and down to all the classics, drank £1 pints of cask ale and sang Auld Lang Syne

No idea how quickly that would all change

I didn’t manage to get back to The Brunswick for a long time.

Until now

now you celebrate 6 years of being The Brunswick

of being a household name in Leeds

with community, collaboration, good food

and pints of course

Please don’t ever change.

The Brunswick, 82 North Street, Leeds LS2 7PN

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