I need a Müller yoghurt

When lockdown was announced in March 2020, I remember the first thought that entered my head when we popped into Tesco to find the shelves already sparse. I was craving a Müller Crunch Corner. I probably hadn’t had one in about 10 years. But it was all I wanted in that moment. The world threw us into a pandemic and I desperately needed the comfort of an after-school treat to get through it.

Do you know what’s also weird? The way certain foods fall in and out of our repertoire as we grow up. Then you see them in Tesco and realise…they’re still there. They’re still a thing. If was just you that moved on and left them behind.

I need a Müller yoghurt.

The shelves are empty

but I need a Müller crunch corner.

The one with banana chocolate flakes

the novelty

of that yoghurt pot

an after school treat

“They’re so bad for you.”

I want Frosties too.

I should be eating Bran Flakes

but I want a healthy portion

of sugary cereal

and I want to see Tony on TV again.

“After swimming, you can have a treat.

You can each choose a gingerbread man.”

Why can’t we do that again?

I was in the supermarket yesterday, trying to find eggs

but found myself looking for those gingerbread men instead.

Do they still exist?

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